Terraco provides brokerage services to clients for the sale of all property asset types including retail, office, mixed use and vacant land. We are fully licensed to act as selling broker on behalf of our clients. Terraco has a long history of successful sale closings for properties ranging from under $1 million to over $20 million.

Maximum Value

Successful sales require a unique combination of process management and marketing. Terraco has been able to extract maximum pricing in both strong and weak market conditions. While there are many variables, one of the keys to success in most conditions is broad market coverage and exposure. Terraco has the contacts and resources to tap into all available buyer pools and the  experience to guide sellers and buyers to the highest price and most closeable transaction.

Complete Process Management

We are accustomed to managing the sale process from inception to the closing of escrow accounts. The professionals at Terraco believe in creating an asset disposition plan at the onset of a sale process. The plan includes preparing all due diligence material and memorandums, developing and executing marketing plans, managing bids, negotiating contracts and managing inspection, closing and any post-closing issues. Our service is comprehensive, and our professionals take a leadership role in virtually every aspect of the sale.

Appraisal Review

Many appraisers are struggling with comparable sales from previous market conditions and valuation techniques that may not reflect what is currently relevant. The result is widely divergent real estate valuations. The professionals at Terraco can sift through the details of appraisals and provide balancing insights.